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Virtual Tradeshow

A virtual tradeshow is an online event that allows visitors to network, attend webcasts, and visit potential clients without having to book flights or hotels. It takes the most successful elements of a live tradeshow and translates them into the virtual world of the Internet. It is designed specifically to generate interest, increase exposure and traffic, and provide customer interaction with exhibitors and advertisers.

Through the use of life-like 3D exhibit halls and booths, clients can showcase products and services. The attendee can view demos, pick up literature and chat live with sales representatives. Keynote speeches and webcasts are delivered either in real time or on-demand.

The following is included in our Virtual tradeshow Package:

(All packages can be customized to fit your needs)

  • tradeshow ENVIRONMENT: State-of-the art venue to showcase your products and/or services, without the cost of transportation, shipping, hotels, hospitality, or booths
  • CUSTOMIZABLE USER INTERFACE: Customize the look and feel of the show environment to meet your specific needs. This includes complete design creation of the main hall, exhibit hall, individual booths, and resource halls.
  • EXHIBIT HALL - Interact and network with company representatives while browsing virtual booths and exploring the conference environment
  • REAL TIME REPORTING: Gather and qualify leads instantly - run analytics as soon as the show is over!
  • VIRTUAL BOOTHS: Promote your products and services to visitors while interacting and making connections that your business can carry into the future.
  • CONFERENCE HALL: Attend live and on demand webcasts and keynote presentations.
  • RESOURCE CENTER: A central repository of all tradeshow content including; webcasts, product demos, documentation.
  • BRAND AWARENESS: Increases awareness by displaying your company brand (logo, videos) through out the conference environment

A well-conceived and professionally implemented virtual tradeshow can be an integral part of your business plan. It can help your organization meet ongoing major challenges such as: increasing revenue, reducing operating expenses and enhancing member services.

Virtual tradeshow

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