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Webcasts take advantage of a unique technology, allowing us to reach a large audience which might otherwise be inaccessible. Webcasts can train staffers or customers, introduce products and brands, educate media or provide a venue for press conferences, inform analysts or investors, research markets, generate leads, reward loyal customers and lots more.

A webcast has the ability to be interactive and collaborative. There are two forms of webcasts - LIVE and On-Demand. In a live webcast, the data is sent in real time and audience members can instantly ask questions, answer polls, or make comments. In an On-demand webcast, attendees can choose when and where they would like to listen to it. Participants need only a computer and an online connection - no phone necessary.

We offer two Webcast Packages:


For this PREMIER package, we will provide the following:

  • EVENT MANAGEMENT: An experienced, dedicated event manager will guide you through the entire process, meeting all deadlines.
  • PROJECT PLANNING: We will help you build a strategy, implement the platform, and manage all deliverables.
  • WEBCAST REGISTRATION: We will handle the collection of all webcast registration via customized forms
  • PLATFORM: We provide the most sophisticated webcast platform to deliver a seamless, problem-free broadcast.
  • PROMOTION:: We create and deliver customized direct html email campaigns to promote registration
  • WEBCAST SUPPORT: We will administer complete support of all participants (speakers, event managers) and attendees on the day of the webcast
  • REPORTING: We deliver robust reporting analytics of all activities during the webcast. This robust reporting feature quantifies all attendee activities for a verifiable ROI.


If you plan to host your own webcast we are the resource you are looking for to acquire additional qualified leads.
This package includes the following:

  • WEBCAST REGISTRATION You have two options: We can create seamless registration (registrations automatically flow into your lead buckets) OR we can deliver your qualified registrants to you via email daily/weekly
  • PROMOTION: We provide the same high delivery promotional elements and robust reporting as listed in our PREMIER VSM webcast hosting package above. We will create all marketing materials and promote your webcast to our highly targeted email lists
  • LEAD ACQUISITION: VSM provides effective integrated digital marketing audience acquisition plans and programs. We work with publishers in a variety of vertical markets to identify and analyze the needs of our clients and provide strategic, result-oriented solutions.
  • REPORTING: We deliver leads that fit your criteria and specific business needs.

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